SLM Oslo is closed until after Easter

As part of the wider effort to hinder the spread of Covid-19, the board of SLM Oslo have decided to cancel all events until after Easter.

-It is with a heavy heart we must now suspend operations, but we simply have no choice, explains  President of SLM Oslo Marius somberly.

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Leather jacket to new member from Mr. Leather Norway

Winner! The winner of the leather jacket raffle has received his jacket and we hope he wears it with pride!

Per Helge draws the winner

When Per Helge won the title of Mr. Leather Norway in 2019 he also won a leather jacket from DuoShop but he decided to donate it to a new member of SLM Oslo, decided by a random draw.

Congratulations Bjørn and thank you Per Helge and DuoShop!

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Selfie contest concluded

Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er ff0fa49e-aa22-478e-9d05-a2975c4bd94e-1024x1024.jpg
Our winners: Rubrstone, Per Kåre, Carina, Einar, Daniel og PupNord

Our social media “selfie” contest is now concluded and the 6x 500kr gift cards from Duoshop are on their way to the winners. Thanks to everybody who participated and congratulations again to our winners!

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A successful Pride street party

Disinfectant ready.

Thank you so much to everybody that came and celebrated Pride with us out on the street, it was a blast! We’re deeply grateful to our volunteers that worked hard outside in the sunshine and 30 degree heat from 10 in the morning til 21:30 at night.

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SLM Oslo, Bear of the year!

President Marius, prime minister Erna Solberg, secretary Kent, queen Frida Marida og host Else Kåss Furuseth. Photo: Håkon Melbye

SLM Oslo received the honor of “Bear of the year 2020” from the wonderful Norway Bears! The title was handed out by the prime minister of Norway Erna Solberg and was broadcast live throughout the country in the Pride stream as well as NRK, NTB, TV3 and VG TV.

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Completed general assembly

Due to the Covid-19 situation, this year’s general assembly was delayed from March to June. It was held digitally on Zoom due to continued virus restrictions. Luckily it was well attended, including members not living in Oslo.

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Celebrating Pride with Helseutvalget

Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er Helseutvalget-Line-Loholt-2-1024x470.jpg
Photo: Line Loholt

See the video made with Helseutvalget for Oslo Pride here. (Go through the entire digital parade on the site and you’ll find the video at the end by Spikersuppa)

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Pride Streetparty!

We will be open from 12:00 with no dress code, no entrance fee and everyone is welcome. There will be cold drinks and warm food served and we’ll have a large LED screen to watch the digital parade as it happens.

The basement will be closed, disinfectant available all over and we encourage physical distance between visitors. Happy Pride!

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Selfie contest during Pride

Send us a picture in a fetish outfit that matches one of our dress codes We will pick 6 winners, one every day from the 21st to the 26th of June where each winner will receive a 500kr gift card at DuoShop.

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In solidarity with queer Poland

Photo: Reidar Engesbak, Blikk

More than a hundred Polish counties have declared themselves so-called “LGBT-free zones”. This means that in a third of Poland, lesbian, gay and trans people are not allowed to be themselves.

Wednesday Marchi 11th, before the coronavirus hit Norway in full effect, a demonstration of solidarity was held outside the Polish embassy. Here, among others, our President Marius participated on behalf of SLM Oslo.

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