SLM Oslo is closed until after Easter

SLM Oslo is closed until after Easter

As part of the wider effort to hinder the spread of Covid-19, the board of SLM Oslo have decided to cancel all events until after Easter.

-It is with a heavy heart we must now suspend operations, but we simply have no choice, explains  President of SLM Oslo Marius somberly.

The board has followed the situation closely the last few weeks, and had scheduled a board meeting on Thursday the 12th of March to reach a final decision before the parties that weekend. Tabled were a variety of different scenarios and countermeasures, taking the needs of patrons, volunteers, and the long-term economy of the club into consideration.

-As the week progressed it became more and more clear that closure would be appropriate, and now that local authorities have shuttered all nightlife, it’s out of our hands anyway, says Marius.

General assembly and volunteer night postponed indefinitely

The general assembly scheduled for Saturday, March 21st, and the volunteer social night scheduled for Friday, March 27th, have both been postponed indefinitely.

-Naturally, these will have to wait. As soon as we have the requisite information to make a decision, we will publicise new dates. Until such time the board will continue to work.

Pay your dues!

The parties at SLM are the club’s main source of income, and a closed club means zero income going forward.

-Fortunately our finances are sound and we have a safety margin, precisely to have security in the face of unforeseen circumstances. But we cannot continue indefinitely without income, says Marius.

The board has therefore decided to halt all investment, turn off heating in the venue, and will enter conversation with the landlord over rent if this situation should extend.

-Many of our regulars are not members, and some members have not paid their dues for 2020. It is my hope that our patrons will understand how grave our situation is, and pay their membership dues. It is our only source of funds for running expenses when we are unable to host parties.

Moving forward

The situation is still actively developing and there is great uncertainty about where it will lead. The board will continue to keep a close watch on the situation and the advice of health authorities, and we will continually do our best to ensure that the club is as ready as it can possibly be to resume operations as soon as possible.

SLM is therefore prepared to resume parties after Easter as normal, and continues to plan and organize all its activities during Oslo Pride.

-Furthermore we are continually considering our schedule as soon as we are back in operations, to make up for lost time, adds Marius, continuing:

-Now everyone must observe their responsibility to combat this virus, and I sincerely hope to see as many patrons as possible, to help our beloved club hit the ground running when parties will once more be possible to arrange!