Klubbkveld / Club night

We have club nights roughly every other weekend. This is the event we keep open to all fetishes and ages. Socialize by the bar and enjoy yourself in the basement.

Sometime we have themes during club nights like bondage, puppy play, spanking etc. That means that we give extra attention to those activities but you don’t have to indulge in those interests to visit us then.

Gummi / Rubber

The rubber parties are for those who are excited about rubber, neoprene, PVS and/or rain gear and want to have a hot and sweaty time with like minded individuals. When the rubber boys gather there is usually a lot of activity by the bathtub. You’ll likely find a few that’d be delighted by your stream. Condoms are available in every corner of the location but you need more than a rubber on your dick to participate! The parties are only for rubber fetishists so “get dressed or go home”.

Naken / Naked

The naked parties are among the most popular events we arrange! Usually it ends up being two packed floors of naked men. Relax in the bar or explore the basement, it WILL get warm and there’s little chance of you regretting that you decided to come.

  • The event goes from 22:00 – 03:00
  • Naked MEANS naked but you have to wear shoes (sneakers/boots/etc). You can also wear harnesses, wristbands and similar fetish accessories that don’t cover your modesty.
  • There is a manned coat check so you can change clothes at the club. You can safely leave your credit card and coat check ticket at the bar.
  • Your phone has to be stay in the coat check area.

SLM Ung / SLM Young (18 - 35)

This event is for guys over 18 and up to 35 years of age. SLM Young is a great space to get to know SLM Oslo if you are young and curious about fetish and BDSM. Here you’ll find like minded fellows in your own age range who will treat your fantasies and kinks with respect and an open mind.

Many of our regular guests and members had their first encounter with SLM at a Young event and there’s a reason they keep coming back. Hit off nice conversations at the bare and/or check out the basement for a little bit of fun.

Be prepared to show your ID at the door to check your age.


This event is for those who like it big or just a hand or two. We set up every sling we have and other useful equipment. You can buy Crisco at the bar and everything is set up for an intense session.

The event goes from 22:00 to 03:00 (Note, the last entry possible is at 00:30). Manned coat check, cards and coat check ticket can be left safely at the bar.

Sneakers and sports gear

This event is for those who like jocks and what they wear.