Statutes of SLM Oslo

(This is an English translation of the authoritative Norwegian text)

Accepted at the club’s extraordinary general assembly 09.04.88 and revised ordinary general assemblies 11.03.89, 20.10.90, 23.10.93, 22.10.94, 25.11.95, 18.01.97, 17.01.98, extraordinary general assembly 07.11.98 and ordinary general assembly 06.02.99, 15.02.03, 14.02.15, 24.03.18 og 19.03.19

§ 1 Name and purposes

1.1 The club’s name is Scandinavian Leather Men Oslo, shortened as SLM Oslo.

1.2 The club’s purposes are to promote fellowship between homosexual and bisexual men interested in fetish and BDSM, as well as to take care of and support each other in our development as gay leathermen. The club will campaign for human rights that affect our community. The member’s outfitting is leather, rubber, uniforms, sports gear and other fetishes as mentioned in the club’s dress code.

The club will encourage and provide assistance for secure, safe and consensual sex.

Use of narcotics at the club or at events or excursions organized by the club is not acceptable. Use of narcotics can result in removal from the even and repeated occurrence can be grounds for banning.

Racist and Nazi speech, actions, symbols and attitudes are absolutely incompatible with membership in SLM Oslo.

The club adheres to no political parties.

1.3 The club’s home is Oslo.

1.4 The club is a part of Top of Europe (ToE), a coalition of leather clubs in the Nordics and Baltics

1.5 All offices in  SLM Oslo are unpaid.

§ 2 Membership

2.1 One can become a member if they are self defined as a man and is over 18 years of age and if they agree with the club’s purposes

2.2 Membership allows one access to the club’s gatherings as well as Norwegian and foreign club’s per agreement with them.

2.3 The board can arrange gatherings which only concern parts of the membership base.

§ 3 Membership fee

3.1 The membership fee is decided by the general assembly and goes by the calendar year.

§ 4 Termination of membership

4.1 Membership will be terminated by a written resignation. If the membership fee is not paid by the deadline stated by the board, the membership rights will be suspended til the payment is received.

§ 5 General assembly

5.1 The general assembly is the club’s highest authority and is held every year before the end of the month of March.

5.2 Summons to an ordinary general assembly happens with at least one months notice. The summons are sent by email if members don’t request summons by post from the board at least three months before the general assembly. 

5.3 Issues and suggestions for statute changes that are desired to be addressed by the general assembly must be in the hands of the board by the 1st of December, so that they are included in the summons for an ordinary general assembly.

5.4 The general assembly’s order of business consists of:

5.4.1 Choice of speaker.

5.4.2 Choice of referee and treasury.

5.4.3 Choice of two protocol signees.

5.4.4 Approval of summons and agenda.

5.4.5 The boards annual report.

5.4.6 Accounting.

5.4.7 Budget.

5.4.8 Membership fees.

5.4.9 Issues presented by the board and/or members.

5.4.10 Election of the board, treasury(accountant) and election committee.

§ 6 Extraordinary general assembly

6.1 An extraordinary general assembly is held when 50% of the board or members request so in writing. Summons for an extraordinary assembly will occur with at least three weeks notice and the summons shall contain the agenda for the assembly.

§ 7 Board

7.1 The club is managed by a board consisting of a president and at least 2 other members, elected for a year long period at the club’s general assembly. The board governs itself and as part of that governing, the board should assign one secretary and a treasurer. The office of secretary can be combined with one other office but not with the office of president. If the president is unable to carry out their duties, the secretary will take over.

7.2 The board is elected at an annual general assembly before the end of March.

7.3 The board is empowered to make decisions for the club when at least half of the board is present

7.4 The board is responsible to follow, reconsider and enforce the house regulations.

§ 8 Work committee

8.1 The work committee consists of at least 4 members, elected at the general assembly. In case of absence or extensive needs, the board can supply more members.

8.2 The work committee assists the board by overseeing assignments such as coordination of volunteers, membership administration, public relations and bar management.

8.3 The work committee reports to the board and has a duty to attend board meetings and it has the right to speak and suggest issues there.

§ 9 Accounting year

9.1 The club’s accounting year follows the calendar year from 01.01 to 31.12.

§ 10 Mr Leather Norway

10.1 The board can decide to have a Mr. Leather Norway selection. The selection can not happen more often than once a year. Mr. Leather Norway has the right to participate in international competitions and use the title in that context. The board will decide whether the club will economically support their participation at Mr Leather Europe or other international competitions.

10.2 Members that wish to run as a candidate for Mr. Leather Norway must announce that to the board by the end of March each year. Candidates for Mr. Leather Norway must be a member of SLM Oslo when they announce their candidacy and if they win, must carry the title throughout the year.

10.3 If there are multiple candidates for Mr. Leather Norway, the board will decide on which way they will be selected. If there are at least three candidates then there will be a contest. The one chosen to become Mr. Leather Norway must positively represent the club and the fetish/BDSM community in Norway.

10.4 The selected Mr. Leather Norway will hold the title for one year from the selection date or until a new selection takes place. Afterward, the former title holder can use the title only by indicating which year they won.

10.5 If, during the selected period, the current Mr. Leather Norway comports himself in a way that could negatively impact the club or the fetish/BDSM community in Norway or in any other way hurts the club, the board can revoke the title from the titleholder by a unilateral vote in a properly summoned board meeting.

§ 11 Banning

11.1 The board can ban a member from the club in case of a breach of the statutes or house regulations. The decision can be appealed at a general assembly

§ 12 Statute changes

12.1 A change of the statutes demand a vote at a general assembly with a 2/3 majority.

§13 Dissolution

13.1 The club can be dissolved by a written vote with 2/3 majority at two general assemblies where one is ordinary.