Membership regulations

By becoming a member of the club SLM Oslo, you accept the following:

  1. You are a man and at least 18 years old. (We are inclusive of transmen, you only need to self identify as male)
  2. You will support the clubs ideals as stated in the statutes.
  3. You will learn and follow the current house regulations
  4. Breaking the rules as stated in the statutes and house regulations can result in a permanent ban from the club.
  5. You will inform a volunteer if you discover or experience someone breaking the rules in the statutes or house regulations.
  6. Your membership is personal and can not be transferred to another person.
  7. Your membership must be documented by a visit to the club or at an event arranged by the club.
  8. Your membership ceases by a written declaration from you. Your personal information will be erased from our records once the declaration has been processed.
  9. If the membership fee is not paid by the deadline, your membership rights will be suspended until we receive the fee.
  10. If SLM Oslo closes down its operations, the remaining time on the membership will not be compensated.
  11. Membership ID cards are only handed out at the club.
  12. Loss of the ID card will entail an extra fee of 30 kroner.

Accepted by the board 05.04.2018