A good Oslo Pride 2021

A good Oslo Pride 2021

Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er IMG_7177-1-1024x769.jpg
Tired but happy volunteers and board members after the parties.

A successful Pride 2021

Covid also had its effect this year on Oslo Pride but that didn’t stop SLM Oslo from having a stand in Pride Park and arranging a 3 day street party outside our club. Additionally there was a second hand gear market and café and a new Mr. Leather Norway took office, Ambjörn.

A satisfied President:

An exhausted but cheerful President took time to talk to this writer.

  • The pandemic did not make it easy for us to plan far ahead but we realized that it wouldn’t be a regular Pride this year, says Marius, President of SLM Oslo. 

SLM Oslo joined together with SMiL (Norwegian organization for fetishists and sadomasochists) to have a stand in the Pride Park at Spikersuppa. SLM also had their own street parties.

Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er IMG_6711-1.jpg
Ambjörn and Per Helge guarded the stand at Pride Park for SMiL and SLM Oslo

Oslo city loosened its restrictions a little bit and opened up again just a short time before Pride but there were still some limits to allowed activities. SLM Oslo applied for permission to use the street outside the club to have street parties since indoor parties were still not allowed, thankfully we received permission.

Thanks to everyone who participated

A big screen was procured, tables and chairs rented, the neighbor pub the Dubliner provided the food while SLM Oslo served drinks. The weather gods were on our sie and made Pride 2021 a sunny and extra sweaty experience for some. 

  • I must thank the municipality of Oslo for graciously allowing us to close off the street for three days in a row. We had a one day street party last year and this year was three times as fun, says a happy Marius before continuing;
  • I must also thank the board and all the volunteers that twisted themselves into knots to make all of this happen. I’m grateful as well to the rugby club Oslo Raballder and HivNorge for joining our parties to spread their messages as well as to Cassie Brødskive who DJ’d for us in drag on Sunday. None of this would have happened without or volunteers and participants.
Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er IMG_6721-768x1024.jpg
Cheerful boys from the Oslo Raballder rugby club.
Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er IMG_6595-768x1024.jpg
Fine folks from HivNorge

The basement was of course closed but that didn’t stop people from enjoying themselves in the summer heat.

Praised Svein Skeid & Ambjörn Mr Leather Norway 2021

During the first street party on Friday there was a live discusstion between Kjell Mohr and Odd Reierstøl about Svein Skeid who passe away last winter. The theme of the talk was his work as an activist for gay and fetish rights in a wide spectrum, including the organization Revise.

Kjell Mohr and Odd Reierstøl

Later that Friday, Ambjörn and Per Helge discussed fetish and leather, watch a recording (in Norwegian) here:

On Saturday, Per Helge, Mr Leather Norway 2019 performed an excellent speech on his experiences as Mr. Leather Norway. He then passed the title on to Mr. Leather Norway 2021, Ambjörn, who then punt on his other hat as DJ KPaxian and played music the rest of the night.

Watch Per Helge’s speech and the title passing ceremony here:

  • I thank Per Helge for his impressive efforts as Mr. Leather Norway. Not only has he put SLM Oslo on the map but his is also a fantastic role model for everybody in the fetish world, says Marius. And I want to wish Ambjörn the best of luck as the new Mr. Leather. I feel confident that he’ll take care of the responsibility and will represtent SLM Oslo well and with pride.

Streetparties for everyon

On Sunday there was a lively café and second hand gear market. DJ Cassie Brødskive kept us in a good mood with her performance.

Marius concludes:

– It was a delight to see everybody that visited the street parties. Not only our regular SLM members but people of all genders, orientations and fetishes. Everybody that visited contributed to the good mood and atmosphere. It warms my heart and we must consider if we should do something similar in the coming years, says a very happy Marius.

If you have any pictures from the events that you’d like to share, please send them to info@slmoslo.no

Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er IMG_7129-768x1024.jpg
The delicious Cassie Brødskive DJing on Sunday.