Dress code

SLM Oslo is a club for homosexual, bisexual and pansexual men interested in fetish and BDSM. Clothes and gear are at the core of that interest. It is therefore very important that you respect the dress code and fetishes that SLM Oslo represents.

SLM Oslo has the following dress codes: Leather, rubber, uniforms, sports gear, skinhead, work wear, jeans and naked.


The thick, black leather from the biker community that was the starting point for the entire modern fetish scene. This can be biker gear, in the classical style or modern motorcycle race suits -also in other colors than black- other types of uniforms in leather or a leather jacket and leather pants.

A classic is a pair of black leather chaps (with or without jeans). Black boots are a traditional part of the leather look but for a more casual outfit like leather jeans, leather sneakers can also be appropriate.


Rubber(latex) outfits come in many different designs and forms and they are well suited to “wet activities”. Rubber can be anything from a heavy dry suit to a pair of short shorts or a tight t-shirt. A common selection of rubber is pants, uniform shirts, bomber jackets, chaps and wrestling suits. In addition you have all the accessories: waders, rubber boots, gloves and gas masks. Neoprene is also classified as rubber.


Who can turn down a man in uniform? Acceptable uniforms can be military, police or even security guard uniforms. What matters is that you appear to be an authority figure.

Camouflage uniforms from felt are a popular choice. More fashion-y clothes with a camouflage pattern are not part of this dress code. Only real uniforms or replicas thereof are included.


To present a skinhead look you must have very little if any hair on your head. The usual requirement is typical skinhead clothes such as a poloshirt (Lonsdale, Fred Perry etc) or a plaid shirt, bleachers and a bomber jacket. Suspenders and tall 20-30 hole boots are preferred.

Work clothes / work uniforms

Work clothes / hi-viz gear from construction work or similar professions, preferable used and worn.

Sports gear

Sports gear entails traditional masculine sports apparel from sports such as football, rugby, wrestling, boxing, cycling etc. 


If you don’t have anything else that fits the dress code on club nights then you can get in by wearing jeans and a black t-shirt/polo shirt. Just remember that wearing perfume/cologne is forbidden.


You can always wear your birthday suit and be naked during club nights (naked is not acceptable on specific theme nights such as rubber and leather nights). To be completely or partially naked is ok at SLM Oslo. You always have to wear shoes though, such as boots or sneakers.

Foot gear

The most common foot gear at SLM are black boots. Rubber boots and waders as part of rubber outfit (or other fetish outfit) are of course ok. Sneakers are acceptable if they go with the outfit, like rubber, sports or otherwise being naked. Sandals, moccasins, loafers and other “nice” shoes aren’t acceptable.

Mixed parties

Every once in a while we arrange mixed gender parties at the club. At those events people of all genders and their gender expressions are welcome so the usual ban on feminine clothing is lifted.

The doorman makes the final call

The dress code is a guide for the volunteers working as guards that night and guests can’t refer to the dress code to demand entrance if the guards say that the outfit doesn’t conform to the dress code. If a guest relies on the absolute minimum amount of gear/wear to meet the dress code, he must be prepared to be rejected.

Please pay attention that certain theme nights have a very specific dress code which must always be respected. For example, naked, rubber or uniforms.

All types of pins, stickers or insignia that represent religious and/or political extremism such as Nazism and racism will not be tolerated at any event organized by SLM Oslo.