Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to be a member to go to the events?
No, you do not. 
However as a member you get a reduced entry fee to the events and by becoming a member you help us keep the club running. 
By showing a valid membership ID card at Point Piercing you get 10% off of everything. That way, you will have quickly gotten your money’s worth.

How do I register for the events?
We no longer require registration for the events. Up until the fall of 2018 we needed a registry of guests but now that we have a permanent drink licence, registration isn’t necessary.

Is it possible to change clothes there?
Yes. There is a little changing room by the entrance where you can change.

Where can I keep my valuables?
SLM has a manned coat check where you leave your clothes, bags and valuables. Remember though that you’ll need something to pay with at the bar. You can leave your credit card and coat check ticket behind the bar so you don’t have to worry about it during the night.

I don’t have an outfit in leather, what do I do?
Even though leather is in our name (Scandinavian Leather Men), it isn’t mandatory to wear leather to club nights. The club’s dress code also includes rubber/latex, uniforms, skinhead, work clothes and sports gear. 
Also see the following section on the difference between club nights and theme nights and further info on dress codes HERE.

What’s the difference between club nights and theme nights?
Roughly speaking (we like it rough):

  • Club nights are for all fetishes (leather, rubber, uniforms, sportsgear, skinhead, work clothes), and we have them usually every other week. Some club nights get spiced up with a focus on activities such as bondage, spanking or puppy play. These activities are of course welcome ever club night.
  • Theme nights are for more specific fetishes/interests: piss, rubber, FF, naked, sportsgear/sneakers, SLM Young etc. Then the event has a dedicated theme and stricter entry (dress code / age restriction). You will for example be denied entry if you try to wear clothes on naked nights and if you are over 35 on SLM Young events. 

See information about the different events in the calendar

Can I be naked?
Completley naked is only allowed on naked nights. On klubnights some fetish related gear are required. Harnesses are always welcome, as well as jockstraps, wristbands and gloves. 
Remember that SLM organizes regular naked events throughout the year and they are very popular! Check the calendar.

What if I meet a colleague there?
Then you and your colleague have some interests in common, they might think it’s just as awkward to see you there as you do but they’ll they’ll expect you to be discreet in any case. Just have a conversation and take turns to visit the basement if you don’t want to see each other in the slings. 
In our experience, a lot of people experience it to be refreshing to find out that people they knew before share their interests. 
Just remember that the rule is: “What happens at SLM, stays at SLM!”

Are there free condoms there?
Yes. Helseutvalget provides SLM with condoms, lube and disposable gloves. SLM Oslo encourages everyone to take responsibility for their own health and to practice safer sex.

Do I have to have sex?
No. A lot of people go to SLM to grab a beer, a mixed drink or soda in the bar area with like minded individuals in their finest gear. Sex is a possibility but you make your own decisions.

What will I find in the basement?
In addition to other fine, horny and sexy men like you, you’ll find among other things: slings, a st. Andrews cross, a couple of closets, a bathtub and tight hallways. Some parts of the basement can be dated all the way back to the 1600s so there is a lot of history in those walls.

How do I approach someone if I want to have fun in the basement?
If you’re cruising in the basement, first and foremost establish eye contact. If contact is sustained by the other person, you can attempt to approach them. Regular manners and body language applies so respect the response you receive. No means no. If you put your hand on someone and they remove it then you stop and move on to someone else.

I like it wet, can I do that at SLM?
Yup. There an entire pissing room in the basement for wet players. Jump in the tub and receive or get on your knees and open wide.
We also have specific events dedicated to wet enthusiasts. Check our calendar.

Is it possible to shower at SLM?
Yes, we have a shower available, bring your own towel though.

Where can I find a parking spot?
It’s hard to find a parking spot in Oslo these days but there are a few parking garages in walking distance. The nearest one is Bankplassen 1, also Paleet Parkeringshus in Strandgata 19 isn’t much further.

Can you smoke at SLM?
It is not allowed to smoke inside the premises, at the bar or in the basement, but we have a smoking area walled off from prying eyes and neighbours where you can enjoy your smoke. However in that area it is not allowed to have sex, be naked or have your genitalia exposed. We have cozy coats you can borrow if you need them.

What risk will I be exposed to?
When one is at SLM, or takes a hottie home from a bar, visits a sauna or lets loose on vacation, sex always entails a certain degree of risk. SLM encourages everybody to take responsibility for their own health and we give out plenty of condoms, lube and disposable gloves that have been provided to us from Helseutvalget. You’ll find these everywhere in the club.

Also, Helseutvalget visits our events occasionally and provides free testing for various STIs. The tests are, of course, performed in a discreet manner.

Can I be anonymous?
If by anonymous, you mean to wear a mask, you’re welcome to do so. Now that we no longer require pre-registration to events, you also don’t need to give your name or telephone number.

Everybody that visits SLM wants and expects discretion. Therefore please do not talk about whom you’ve seen, met or had sex with at SLM when outside of the premises.

Am I at risk of being photographed while “keeping on” in the basement?
No. Cameras and phones are strictly prohibited in the basement and there are harsh consequences for those who bring their devices there.

Can I pay by card?
Yes, about 90% of today’s transactions are by card. The rest is cash. You can also safely leave your card at the bar while you’re at the club.

Why is there an entry fee when the club is staffed by unpaid volunteers?
SLM is 100% volunteer run and no one is getting paid for their work but it does cost us to pay rent for the premises in downtown Oslo as well as the many expenses that come with running a bar/club.