Mr. Leather Norway 2021

2021 has so far been a year that is still different from the “normal” and the way we celebrate Pride this year is no exception. During our street festivities in front of SLM Oslo and in the week prior to that, we had planned to hold the Mr. Leather Norway 2021 Contest. However, we did not receive enough candidates to hold the Title competition as planned this year. The board of SLM Oslo did an evaluation of the candidates we did receive and discussed the plan for the Title.

According to the rules laid out, it reverts to the board of SLM Oslo to decide once it is clear that the competition cannot be held. After deliberations we unanimously decided to award the Title of Mr. Leather 2021 to Ambjörn Söderberg. We are convinced he will honor the trust that the club has placed in him by awarding him the Title. In the Board’s opinion , Ambjörn is a very worthy candidate to hold the Title and fulfills all the requirements we have laid out for Mr. Leather Norway. The Board has witnessed Ambjörn’s growth within the Leather Community over the past years and his support for events and groups both here in Norway and abroad .

Here you can see his own presentation for the candidacy for Mr. Leather Norway 2021.

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